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Tasty Condiments for Backyard Grilling Creations

Category: Grilling

When your guests grab their juicy steak, burger, chicken, or pork off the grill they head straight to the buffet table. They are looking for the perfect condiments to dress that meat in the best fashion. What are you going to offer them? Condiments are more than mustard… Read More


Marinade Ideas

Category: Grilling

I’m not sure about you, but I love to see well seasoned food on the grill. It seems that when you go to the restaurant and order a grilled steak, it has those beautiful grill lines and is so juicy it makes your mouth water before the steak… Read More


Shish Kebobs – A Fun & Healthy Grilled Meal

Category: Grilling

Do you have kids? They love to eat grilled food, too. A fun and healthy alternative to hamburgers and hot dogs for them is to make shish kebobs. Shish kebobs are easy to make and healthy for those young and old alike. Shish kebobs remind me of those… Read More


Corn on the Grill

Category: Grilling

 I’ve heard of corn on the cob, but corn on the grill? Yes, it is a great way to cook corn with lots of seasonings and buttery flavor. I had a friend do this for myself and other dinner party guests and it was scrumptious. Corn on the… Read More


Grill Your Vegetables, Too!

Category: Grilling

The grill is not just for meats anymore. You can cook an entire meal on the grill which is quite convenient and saves on clean up. Clear a space on that grill top for those delicious vegetables. You can grill a variety of vegetables on the grill. Contrary… Read More


Grilling Chicken

Category: Grilling

Chicken must be the most popular food on the planet. It is cheap and easy to get. It goes well with almost any side dish and it can be cooked on the grill. This is a big plus when summer rolls around and you want to spend time… Read More


Beef on the Grill

Category: Grilling

This is the number one question that grillers have—how to make the perfect grilled steak. Well, practice makes perfect. You will probably have your share of duds before you reach the pinnacle of perfection. But, that doesn’t mean you have to start with inferior products. Like I said,… Read More


Healthy Grilling Ideas

Category: Grilling

Grilling food is actually better for you than one would think. This is not dependent on the type of grill you have it is the grilling process. Here are some ways to make your next grilling adventure a healthy one for the family. Start with your cuts of… Read More


Quick Tips to Keep the Grill at its Best

Category: Grilling

With summer almost upon us, barbeque grills everywhere are being dusted off and cleaned for the new season. If you are ready to try your hand at grilling this year, here are a few tips to get you started off on the right foot. Grilling properly is something… Read More


Backyard Barbeque Party

Category: Grilling

What’s more fun in the warm months than grilling out? It’s grilling out with friends. Host your own backyard barbeque and invite all your buddies over for a tasty meal and some backyard fun. Here are some tips to get that party started right. The number one complaint… Read More

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