Understanding the Diversity of Today’s Consumers

Today’s shopper is savvier than ever before, and today’s marketplace is more complex than ever for manufacturers and retailers alike. The definition of the “Hispanic consumer” in the US has changed. Authentic Hispanic and Latin flavors have gained popularity and are sought after by a very broad range of consumers, creating growth opportunities for brands.

Why Padilla as a Marketing Agency?

Padilla Innovation brings together a team of experienced CPG retail marketers with some of the most experienced and knowledgeable sales experts in the authentic Hispanic grocery sales industry in the US. Combining a deep understanding of authentic brands, their value, and their core consumer with an expert level of understanding of the traditional US grocery industry has created a unique perspective and ability to help brands bridge the gap between the invisible market and the mainstream US market.

A 360° Approach

We offer integrated marketing solutions that combine our keen understanding of the shopper, the consumer, the brand, and the retailer to activate path to purchase dialog and engagement – at home, at the shelf and everywhere in between. It’s all designed to engage consumers and convert them into loyal and profitable shoppers.

Different Than Any Other

As a part of the Padilla Group, Innovation has complete integrated marketing capabilities that rare to find other then in large national agencies that specialize in the CPG industry. At Innovation however we have the added benefit of being truly a bi-cultural company setting us apart from any other agency you will find. Our solutions and strategic concepts are grounded in retailer intimacy, steeped in brand relevance and forged in the fires of proprietary consumer/shopper insights.

In addition to understanding your brand, we have an intimate, real-time understanding of the labyrinth that is today’s marketplace and, via our complete marketing vertical from insights to the shelf, we make sure to steward your brand, your strategy and your voice, right through to the shopper’s point of decision and purchase.