Don Victor Orange Blossom Honey Squeeze Bear



Description: All natural Orange Blossom Honey in a convienient squeeze bear.

Sizes: 8 oz, 12 oz

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    Hello I like to know more about your globe-shaped honey in the jar is it all pure honey No artificial sweeteners or anything like that or fillers. Also I like to know is it since you have some of Jars have honeycomb inside of jars, bus so some of your glove Joyce I’m told have no honey come in it which is nice since you get more of honey. I want to know is your honey roar raw? And or ever been heated up to write one for 01504 drawing purposes because if it is then that he dead dead high temperature eliminates many of the natural bacterial cultures so I’ve been told versus minimally processed honey which is heated to a low temperature for drying but yet maintains all the natural ingredients that raw honey has??? You may also want to know look into Walmart shipping of your honey 2 customers many customers have posted on your website that they received your jars broken upon arrival and there was no packing no bubble wrap no cardboard in between the judge the judge was simply putting in a cardboard box and ship and naturally during the process of shipping we’re broken I don’t think that does good for your company customers receive unbroken products and then a case I am interested in buying more of your heart honey providing I find out it is nothing but honey in there no substitutes no sweeteners and that the temperature you heat it up I’m curious to know because that also is a concern because if its to have a temperature can kill off the natural cultures and bacteria that her and honey that a very beneficial to people but I also want to know does your honey if it is heated at a higher temperature than still have the important antioxidants and other ingredients benefits the human gastrointestinal tract I look forward to your reply and description of how your honey is jarred where does it come from and how does it go from arriving from the beekeepers to your plan and how is it how is it bottled in is the bottle that what temperatures and what insurance do you have as to the honeys beneficial properties when a consumer buys it or what ingredients are still in the honey that have not been compromised by the high temperatures thank you again

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