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Don Victor Orange Blossom Honey with Comb Globe Jar



Description: All natural Orange Blossom Honey with comb in a beautiful glass globe jar.

Sizes: 8 oz, 16 oz

4 Reviews for Don Victor Orange Blossom Honey with Comb Globe Jar

  1. Product Rating 5

    This tastes just like the honey I helped my Grandfather harvest. I introduced it to my son and it is now his favorite.

  2. Product Rating 5

    I think that I may have found the best Honey that I have ever had! I can’t find anything like this in Kansas! It has a wonderful flavor and I just love it!

  3. Product Rating 5

    I love this honey, this is the first thing I’m having in the morning and my day goes just great! Thank you for making this so pure and delicious! This is something I can always count on!

  4. Product Rating 5

    I recently bought a jar of your pure orange blossom honey with the comb. I was looking at the nutritional label and noticed that it does not have any vitamins on the label that I read pure honey should have. I was just wondering if it just was not put on the label or what.

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